Las Vegas Home Buying Guide

smilingcoupleThe home buying  process can be both stressful and exhilarating. However, it my goal to make this important journey as satisfying as possible.

I have 15 years of experience as a broker-agent and I want to put my knowledge of real estate and the Las Vegas market, in particular, to work for you.  You are my ultimate focus and it is my pleasure to guide you to your ultimate destination – your dream home. I’d like to help ease any anxiety you have in your property search and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

How I help clients prepare to buy or sell a home:

Consultation – First, to help me understand your  property needs I will ask you to complete a brief preliminary needs assessment.  From there, you and I will schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs in greater detail. During our conversation I hope to find out:

  • What’s most important to you in home – what are your non negotiables, for example
  • What amenities you’re looking for – your “wish list”
  • Whether you’ll need special accommodations in your new home
  • Whether you are concerned with local schools
  • Your deadlines or time frame you’re looking at, whether long or short term

Financing concerns/options – We’ll discuss what financing you may currently have in place and other available options, if needed.

  • How to fund? cash or financing
  • How to prepare yourself financially (e.g., I explain proof of funds and financing sources)

Discuss current local market – This is one of the most important topics in light of the current competitive housing situation in Las Vegas. Market information is designed to serve you.  It is important to pay close attention to market data in order to be successful in this local market.

Property profile – After our interview, I’ll analyze your needs and preferences, your financing options and current market data.  I’ll then put together a profile that will serve as a guide for the types of properties to pursue.

Compile a list of properties – Using the information I’ve gathered from you, I will put together a list of  properties for you to consider.

My Commitment To My Clients:

  • I will return phone calls and emails within 24 hours of receiving your message
  • I will communicate honestly and openly with you, my client, at all times
  • I will research the Las Vegas market daily and even search for properties that are not on the multiple listing service (MLS).
  • I will call for-sale-by-owner and other buyer listings before they even hit the market.

Tips for a smooth home buying transaction:

1.  Take swift action.
As soon as a property that you’re interested in becomes available on the market it is necessary to move very quickly in submitting an offer on the property.  In some cases it is even best to make an offer on a property before viewing the property. That is simply the nature of the current Las Vegas market and buyers who don’t come to grips with that fact often miss very good opportunities.

2. Take cues from your (experienced and qualified) Realtor.
If your buyer’s agent cautions you against the purchase of a particular property, or urges you to move forward another, it is important to take the advisements under consideration as the realtor understands the nuances of the market.

3. Know the market. Respect the market.
There are things that can be changed, but one thing that is not easily changed is the current state or “attitude” of the market. To ignore the signals is like pushing against the tide: you could miss important opportunities.

4. Understand market segmentation.
The Las Vegas market is segmented, meaning there are certain areas in the region that are more competitive than others. Your realtor should provide you with market statistics so that you know which segments are the most active. This knowledge gives you a strategic advantage in placing offers for properties.

5. Be open to “non-turnkey” properties.
In the current market, your ideal home may not come in the ideal package. This means the condition of the home may be disappointing, so you should allow for the possibility of  repairs and even some renovation needed in order to bring the home up to your standards.

6. Make focused searches.
After laying the groundwork through the interview process and market info, most clients will need to view only 5-8 homes before finding the property they want. We are here to assist you in the most efficient manner possible to get to the home of your dreams!

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