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**This is the first in our ongoing series of articles covering places of interest in the Summerlin community**

Everyone knows that Las Vegas has become a culinary mecca over the last few years.  However, every once in a while there is a local jewel that shines brightly. Market Grille Café is one of those places. With currently two well-established locations, this restaurant delivers unique Mediterranean flavors and textures in a quaint, inviting environment and at a reasonable price.

My sister was in town over the Thanksgiving holiday and she was craving a great Greek salad.  Initially, we thought of going to an (unnamed) larger chain restaurant, but my daughter suggested we try Market Grille Café instead.  My sis was a little wary because, although she love Greek food, she hadn’t had good experiences with some “Mom and Pop” greek restaurants.  But here, she was absolutely blown away.

I ordered the Pomegranate Chicken which is apparently a crowd favorite. I can almost guarantee that you have never tasted flavor like this on grilled chicken.  My sister sampled the chicken and was like, “Wow!!!”.  All of our dishes were absolutely delicious and we topped our meals off with the most delicious baklava we’d ever tasted.

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We couldn’t help but ask about the restaurant’s history and it just so happened that the owner, Joe Pierro, was on the premises that day. We noticed his name didn’t sound Greek, so we asked him about that.  He explained that his wife and co-owner, Rhonda, is Greek.  Ironically, however, Joe says that many of his dishes are actually a result of his research into Mediterranean and other ethnic cuisines.  It then made perfect sense to us that some of the flavors were so very distinct and sometimes different from traditional Greek dishes we’d had before then.

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Their menu is pretty vast but you don’t get the feeling that anything is taken out of the freezer and nuked in the microwave.  In fact, the grill is in plain view and you can actually watch the food as it’s being prepared. And Joe tells me everything is fresh and prepared onsite.  They also include a gluten-free selection of items on their menu.  The atmosphere is comfortable and clean and the servers are uber friendly and attentive.  They have a very nice beer and wine selection, and they cater at quite reasonable prices.

Suffice to say, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal, the service and our conversation with the very friendly Joe Pierro, who was kind enough to offer a one-time 15% off discount on any meal purchased when you present this printed coupon:

You can take a look at their menu and learn more about their story on their website – Scan the QR code below to view their site on a smartphone or tablet.

Market Grille Cafe



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